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Responsible Service of Alcohol


The aim of this course is to arm participants with basic skills and knowledge of legal laws and social responsibilities required of service staff when serving alcohol.

The course is also relevant for non-service staff, e.g. Managers, HR professionals or those whose work is closely related to the service of alcohol as part of their work in the F&B, hospitality or retail industries.


Through the course, participants will learn:

  • Basic rules, laws and regulations laws related to the service of alcohol

  • How alcohol affects the body, and health issues

  • Social responsibilities – serving alcohol within the premises in a socially responsible manner

  • Creating the right atmosphere to minimise risks to staff and patrons

  • Identifying protective and risk factors in the premises, maintaining standards

  • Potential problem situations: early detection, problem solving and people / communication skills

  • Best practices – targeted at Supervisory / Management staff on serving alcohol within the premises


From a health, legal and moral standpoint, the service and consumption of alcohol has a direct impact on those who are in contact with it.  It is therefore important to create an atmosphere where alcohol can be consumed and purchased in a socially responsible manner.

  • Staff will gain a better understanding of the products they sell (their effects on the person/body)

  • Customers are provided a safe environment in which they can responsibly consume alcohol

  • Increased profits through the responsible service of alcohol (minimising risk factors, legal issues)

  • Improved reputation as an organisation that is socially responsible with RSA-certified staff


1/2 Day 



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