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Psychometric Assessment

Understanding personalities and their relevance to specific job tasks can have a significant effect on the productivity and profitability of an organisation.

In addition to monetary cost, a bad hiring decision adversely affects morale of other employees, hiring the wrong person can actually result in losing your good staff members.

Personality Profiling – What is it?

  • Accurate and reliable guide on potential and existing employees

  • Objective assessment of a candidate’s temperament style

  • Measures a candidate's sales potential, leadership style, capacity to work under pressure, ability to work in a team or independently plus much more!


  • Recruitment - analyse required behavior traits for vacant positions to find the best matched candidates

  • Training - customise training programs according to staff strength and weaknesses

  • Team Building - better understanding of team traits to improve communication dynamics

  • Redeployment - scientific approach to matching the ideal job according to personality type

  • Relationship - discover best management approach required to maximise team performance