Interview Skills

Beating the other guy to your dream job means nailing the interview.

Interviews don't need to be a stressful experience if you are well prepared; remember, an employer wants to hire you as much as you want the job, you just have to show how much you really want the job, not any job - this job!


  • Be on time - aim to arrive 10min before the interview (no earlier)

  • Turn off the mobile - not on silent or vibrate; off!

  • Pay attention to personal hygiene - bring some mints, and take one just as you enter the building

  • Firm handshake & sit upright - first impressions are critical

  • Speak clearly & confidently - don't rush your answers

  • Research the company & prepare questions - take a pen and pad, take notes!


  • Tell lies

  • Rely on the interviewer to do the selling for you

  • Act as though you just want any job - show them this is the job you really want!

  • Smoke or chew gum

  • Look at the time

  • Start talking about personal issues

  • Criticize current or past employers