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Corporate Travel Management


This course prepares the new entrant to the managed travel practice. It seeks to develop the fundamental skills and appreciation of the business travel environment, preparing the entrant to operate efficiently in a customer or supplier organisation.


  • Business Travel Industry - Demand and supply environments

  • Travel is an operating cost and a business process

  • Managed Travel Policy - Essential components

  • Business Processes - Budgeting, sourcing, organisation, fulfillment, quality control, data and relationship management

  • Role of Data - Sources, types, analysis, applications

  • Distribution Channels - GDSes and other channels

  • Consolidating MICE-related travel

  • Developing Travel Programmes - Hotel, air, card and car

  • Procurement Goals and Frameworks - What are they and how to use them

  • RFPs, SLAs and Compliance Management

  • Traveller Security and Safety

  • Technology - New technologies, evaluation and integrated applications with programmes


Gain a deeper understanding of the Corporate Travel business environment. This course is an essential investment in the professional development of any Corporate Travel Manager.


2 Days

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