The Negotiation Skills workshop is a course that offers an intensive method of training by giving you the tools and teaching the skills that you will require to become a master negotiator.

The skill of negotiating is one that is prized among hiring managers as one of the best business skills to have, and this course will prepare you to negotiate with colleagues, other business people, customers, and almost anyone. Upon completion, you will have the ability to work out any impossible situation simply by relying on what you have learnt in this workshop.


  • An overview of negotiation skills

  • Information on the elements involved in successful negotiation

  • The skills required to be an effective negotiator

  • The psychological aspects of negotiating

  • Dealing with pressure from customers, colleagues, and supervisors during negotiations

  • Creating an objective list for negotiating

  • How negotiating and communication work hand in hand

  • When and how to make concessions when you are negotiating

  • How to wrap up negotiations and where to go from there


1/2 Day

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