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CV Writing & Interview Skills


Whether you are a fresh graduate or looking for a career change, improving your CV writing and interview skills is the first step to securing your dream job.

These skills are crucial for career success, and this workshop will give you a comprehensive overview of how employers screen applications, what they are looking for at all stages of the recruitment process and how to demonstrate that you are the perfect person to fill the position.

You will discover the best strategies for succeeding at any type of interview, how to tackle psychometric tests and assessments, how to build rapport with an interviewer and how to negotiate salary and benefits you deserve. Learn how to approach your job search with confidence and take control over your career.


  • How to write a CV that will distinguish you from the competition.

  • What employers look for when they read a CV.

  • How to write a cover letter that will convince an employer that you are the right person for the job.

  • What you need to know about the company and your interviewer in advance of the interview, and how to use your knowledge to gain an advantage over other candidates.

  • The best way to answer popular job interview questions.

  • How to handle various types of face to face interview, including group interviews and assessment days.

  • How to succeed in giving an effective phone or telephone interview.

  • How to learn from a bad interview experience and improve your chances of future success.

  • An overview of the most common tests.

  • How to negotiate the terms of a job offer during or after an interview.

Your chances of finding a new job will improve – you will secure more interviews, appear more confident throughout the selection process and raise your value in the eyes of employers. Your knowledge from this workshop will also make you an attractive candidate for roles that require you to help others, including roles in the HR and training sector.


1/2 Day


Online Learning

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