CV Service

A well written CV that gets you noticed makes the difference between getting an interview or being easily overlooked and ending up on the unread / unsuccessful pile.

CV formats in Asia are very different to those in Europe, US, Australia or other parts of the World.

DID YOU KNOW...most HR now use recruitment software that picks up keywords to help them filter the 100s of CVs they receive?

As Asia’s largest recruitment firm dedicated to the Travel, Tourism, Hospitality and Lifestyle Industry, we receive hundreds of CVs daily and can say with confidence there is very little we have not seen!  We know what HR wants and looks for, and we know how recruitment software filters.  

WHY a Professionally Formatted CV?

  • The job market is flooded with job seekers, you need to stand out from the crowd

  • HR and Recruiters receive thousands of CVs and will simply scan over the basics and can’t possibly read them all

  • HR’s recruitment software are designed to pick up keywords and specific formats that ensures it is read

  • Most CVs are in the wrong format

  • Your CV is a representation of you as a candidate. A poor CV gives the impression of a poor attitude towards your career

  • Your CV is your only chance of getting that call for an interview. It needs to be a good one!

  • Our CV format is designed to ensure you stand the best possible chance in Asia



  • Full formatting of your current CV – customised around your individual information

  • Content filtering and additional information suggestions

  • Words and content corrections

  • You receive a final copy in Word and PDF

HOW it Works

  • Once payment is made, please email the version of your CV you would like us to use in MS Word to

  • We will proceed with the re-formatting of your CV and may request any additional information in the first Draft sent to you

  • You will receive the first draft within three (3) working days, from there it is up to you how long you take to send it back to us. Once we receive it back from you, you will get your final CV the following day​