Generation Y


They're the least understood generation but with an undeniably huge amount of potential to contribute to any company. The key is to figure out how to unlock the value they can add to your business.  Instead of being a hassle to manage, Gen-Ys have the ability to be your stars.

This workshop provides the audience with a better understanding of Generation Y’ers at a deeper level, and gives them the skills and knowledge to manage this group of employees; bringing the best out of them and their teams.


Upon completion of this course, the participants will gain:

  • Better understanding Gen Y - why they behave, think, and feel the way they do

  • The specific elements that Gen Y employees need to be loyal and engaged

  • The communication and motivation methods which work best with Gen Y employees


Overview - Facts and figures, why the “talent crunch” exists

Today’s Talent - An insight into recruiting and attracting today’s talents

Breaking down the Generations - Baby Boomers, GenX, GenY/ Millennials… what’s the difference, and what does it all mean to you as a manager?

Meet GenY - We take a closer look at this Generation – what drives and motivates them, what exactly makes them “tick”

Attracting, Managing and Retaining GenY - Now that you know who they are; we take a closer look at how to recruit GenY, manage them effectively and more importantly how to retain them for long term development.

Create Fun - Think it’s all work? Not for GenY

Conclusion - After discussing the main learnings and principles from the workshop, participants will be guided on putting together an action plan – What are you going to take back to your workplace? What are you going to apply? What will you share with your manager/coworkers?


4.5 Hours

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