Professional Training

At ACI, by listening to the needs of our industry peers and colleagues, we've crafted a series of training programmes designed to meet today's business challenges.

We understand that staying relevant in the workplace and constantly upgrading your skills empowers you to choose your path to success!



Information and interactive, our training sessions are conducted in a setting that encourages participation and open-learning:

Small Groups & Workshops

Dynamic sessions, anchored on two to three key topics for discussion.  Activities include case studies, focal point discussions, group exercises and the application of concepts and methodologies towards problem-solving.

On-site Customised Training

Comprehensive sessions aimed at addressing key areas of concern – these can be modular or topical based, or tailored based on the varying needs of the organisation.  Conducted on-site within the premises, such sessions are beneficial to mid-level to Senior executives, with the aim of focusing on key areas identified.

Capacity Training Programmes

Designed to mobilise entire Departments or organisations over a period of time.  These include Train-the-Trainer sessions, or team-building activities that encourage group interaction and open-communication.  Conducting random audits, “mystery shopper” elements and pre/post-training evaluations may also be implemented at regular intervals.

Leadership Coaching & Development

A targeted approach derived from identifying each individual's strengths and areas for preofessional (and personal) development. Intensive and interactive, these can be individualised one-on-one sessions or dynamic group sessions, aimed at high potential/ top talents. Organisations can also incorporate this as part of their talent retention strategy and succession planning initatives.